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      2175 Blessington St.,

     Kilbride, Ontario L7P 0J7

   Kilbride Community Park

    6 minutes from Carlisle, 

               10 minutes from Campbellville

                     10 minutes from Milton   

               10-15 minutes from Burlington

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Our mission is to foster the sport of tennis for the purpose of promoting recreation, fitness, and an active healthy lifestyle within our community.

NBTC is a not-for-profit organization run entirely by volunteers who maintain this tennis facility, actively fund raise, plan and organize all club activities, and arrange for Club Pros to provide tennis instruction and activities to our members.   We promote volunteer and leadership opportunities as well as employment for our youth and young adults.


Volunteers attend monthly meetings working on tennis and facility development.  Volunteers meet to manage and develop various tennis activities and clinics, attend City of Burlington Joint Venture Parks and Recreation meetings, as well as maintaining a liaison with the Ontario Tennis Association.