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      2175 Blessington St.,

     Kilbride, Ontario L7P 0J7

   in Kilbride Community Park

behind Kilbride Public School

    6 minutes from Carlisle, 

               10 minutes from Campbellville

                     10 minutes from Milton   

               10-15 minutes from Burlington

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Our mission is to foster the sport of tennis for the purpose of promoting recreation, fitness, and an active healthy lifestyle within our community.

About North Burlington Tennis Club

North Burlington Tennis Club (NBTC) is a private not-for-profit organization operated and managed entirely by volunteers who maintain this tennis facility, actively fund raise, plan and organize all club activities.  NBTC is a Joint Venture organization with the City of Burlington for the purpose of Tennis.  The NBTC Board actively liaises with City of Burlington Staff.  The NBTC is not a public space and does not receive any funding from the City of Burlington.

The Volunteer Board of Directors attend many meetings on  behalf of all members.  All member and non-member inquiries are reviewed and considered by the entire Board of Directors.  All decisions are made collectively by the entire Volunteer Board of Directors.   The volunteers plan for each month's administration, facility and equipment evaluation, maintenance, repairs, and the purchase of  new equipment when necessary.  Volunteers carry out many daily, weekly and seasonal responsibilities such as registration, administrative tasks, equipment set up, court and facility cleaning,  weeding and leaf removal, key assignment, planning and organizing Pro activities and Lessons and Camps, as well as winterizing the facility.  In addition to the many Executive Board meetings, there is an Annual General Meeting.  NBTC welcomes all members to attend this meeting.  

North Burlington Tennis Club engages a Club Pro to provide the opportunity for members to enjoy tennis instruction and group activities.  The NBTC promotes volunteer and leadership opportunities.   

NBTC is a member of the Ontario Tennis Association.